Giuseppe PaladinoOperative Director of the property

Omnipresent, even at night, to take care of and manage every aspect of the structure, he is the official owner of the hotel.

Carmen PaladinoAdministrative director

Always ready to make calculations, she is in charge of the sectors: accounting, financial, economic and reservations.

Daniele BellottaRestaurant and services manager

Multitasking and multi-compartment, he coordinates many sectors of the structure, from the swimming pool, to catering, passing through gardening.

Arianna Dall’OccoChef

Our new cook: a typical Cilento cuisine, but with a touch of contemporary, elegant and in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds us.

Gina GallucciFloor maid

She is dynamic and always ready to guarantee total hygiene to our customers.

Antonio MaglianoLifeguard

Very young but super determined to carefully supervise all the pool customers

Franca CetrangoloCook assistant

Precious in the kitchen with her decades of experience and total mastery of the stove

Francesca CobuccioFloor maid

Fresh and with a dazzling smile to give maximum care to all rooms